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Meet the Team - Who We Are

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Stephen Connell
Owner / Developer
Stephen has more than 15 years experience developing web based and e-commerce related solutions. He has designed and built Internet applications including our CMSBrokerage/Real Estate MLS System and many of our other systems. He specializes in developing creative solutions for consumer-driven enterprises. Before founding Netguava, Stephen developed web systems for a large local bank.
Brian Nygard
In addition to Web Development, Brian has experience as a PC Game 3D artist and windows applications development. His passion for computers started before high school as he began developing his skills for web development by creating small websites and interactive prototypes. Throughout the years he continued to learn and improve by moving onto larger and more difficult projects. Before starting at Netguava, he developed a web-based cloud service to compile and distribute game projects.
Corey Johnson
Website Design Project Manager
Corey has been a graphic and web designer for over seven years working to enhance the mission of companies across the west coast. In addition to design, he is also passionate about photography, game design, retro computing, and creative writing.
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"Netgauva has provided Many-Strings with an outstanding website that has helped us get a lot of business: gigs, concerts, teaching jobs, and CD sales. They are also always attentive and helpful, like when I need some assistance or want an upgrade, like a video player that will work on Apple tablets, etc. Thank You Very Much,
Chris Burns
Many Strings

"I would like your staff to accept my sincere appreciation for the services you provide.  With your help I have been able to create what I have been told and believe to be true, the best Real Estate website.  Without your help this wouldn't have been possible and it has indeed had a positive impact on my business."
Eric L.

"These folks are awesome. Very attentive and creative during design. Delivered on time! User interface is very simple and straightforward. Service is always prompt and friendly."

Bob Gruhler
New Hock Farm