What is an Affiliate?

In short, an affiliate is a business associate that sells and designs websites. Think about us as your own development department!
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In short, an affiliate is our term for a business associate that sells and designs websites. As an affiliate you will walk your customer through our proven 8 steps website process. We provide you with tools to ensure you always look like a professional. We don't contact the customer, the customer always deals directly with you and your staff.

But I don't know how to build websites...
You don't need any knowledge of building or developing websites to be an affiliate. We do all the development for you, on your behalf. Your customer will never know that you aren't specifically doing the development of their site. Think about us as your own development department!

What skills do I need?
You will need to possess the skills to meet with the customer and follow our proven methods. You will also need to know how to use a graphic suite, such as Adobe Photoshop, if your customer wants something other than a pre-designed template. Don't worry, we have guidelines, but you will still need to know how to follow them.

Do you provide branded services?
We certainly do. We brand all customer-viewable colors and logos to your company. When your customers log in to edit and manage their websites, our CMS has your logo at the top, and the colors match your company color schemes. Also, all notifications coming from our CMS to your customers come with your company name, not ours. We are 100% invisible.
How do affiliates make a profit?
As a registered affiliate you become eligible for our affiliate pricing. Many of our affiliates add additional fees on top of ours, to represent their added value. After all, you are billing the customer, so you can charge any price that you both have agreed upon. Our prices are designed to maximize your profit.

How do I provide support for the website?
Our systems are well documented. In fact, we have a help section built in to not only your management console, but also built in to your customers' consoles. Many times they can solve problems without bothering you. Of course, if you receive questions, you will always have your specific representative that can do phone trainings, provide help or advice. We can even set up a support phone number on which your customers can call us. This phone number will be branded towards your company as well.

How do I become an affiliate?
It's easy! Basically you register as an affiliate and you are able to start selling websites. Our staff is available to provide training if desired. We have the website process down to a science, from start to finish. Read more about our 8 Step Website Process.