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      On Page Search Engine Optimization Tips & Tricks

      Friday, October 29, 2010 @ 12:27:00 PM
      You can't get success only by uploading your website on the world wide web; the goal is to attract well-qualified visitors towards your website, which can't be done unless you put your site in the eyes of the search engines.

      Today, all of the internet users use search engines to find the site relevant to their search. For example, if a person is interested in finding information about up-coming musical events, they can easily do so by typing in the keywords in Google, Yahoo! or any other search engine. The search engine, as a result, will present a list of most relevant websites on the basis of their keyword. So, in short, to get more traffic towards your website, make it more optimized and put all efforts into keeping your website in the eye of the search engine. This traffic is, without a doubt, the life of a business. No e-business can run without adequate traffic.

      How to optimize your website for search engines?

      There are two ways to accomplish it:
      * Off Page Search Engine Optimization
      * On Page Search Engine Optimization.

      This article focuses on tips for On Page Search Engine Optimization.

      All SEO techniques are usually classified into On Page Optimization Techniques and Off Page Optimization Techniques. Both help in achieving one common goal; to get higher ranks in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

      Useful On Page SEO Tips

      The most important word; the Keyword: it is always suggested that before you upload your website, put all your efforts into the keywords since users will be using keywords to find websites of their interest. Each page of your website should be treated as a separate entity having its own title and targeted keywords.

      Always try to name your pages starting with your targeted keyword like basketballhome.htm etc. For instance, if your website is about iPhones then the title of each of your pages should start with the word iPhone and name each page starting with the word iPhone like iphonepreview.htm because the search engine algorithm look at filenames.

      Always remember that you have to make your website attractive for human visitors as well as for the search engine algorithm. Attractiveness for both can be achieved through better keyword optimization. You should keep in mind the keyword density and never over-optimize your web page. It is not necessary that the greater the optimization level of your web page the better it will be.

      Title Tags are considered to be one of the most important factors of On Page Optimization. In other words it is mandatory for you to include the main keyword as part of your title.

      You should always use Header tags with care. Most of the SEO experts recommend having a single H1 header tag that should contain the main Keyword in order to attract human visitors as well as the search engine algorithm. Other H2 tags can contain secondary keywords.

      Putting the main keyword in the URL is always beneficial in the eyes of the search engines. Most of the users are usually not bothered with that but it will help in better SEO. If it is not possible to include the complete keywords or a phrase in the URL then try at least to include the most important keyword in the URL.

      There are many more On Page SEO tips but the above mentioned tips are the most common and recommended by experts. You can add additional features on your website to make it more Search Engine Optimized, for instance, adding blog sections, feedback areas, guestbooks etc.