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      Qualities of a Good Domain Name

      Thursday, November 18, 2010 @ 1:44:00 PM
      Choosing a good domain name is critical to the success or failure of your business. You may wonder how something so small and seemingly insignificant could have an impact on your business, but the best way to compare this is to think about how important location is to an offline business. If you do not have a good location, you are likely not going to get many visitors. The same is true for a good domain name as well.

      Here, you will find the six qualities that a good domain name must have to ensure maximum success.

      1) Memorable
      A good domain name must be memorable. Yes, we have the option of bookmarking a site that we enjoy; however, the reality is that many visitors do not take advantage of bookmarking. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your domain name is one that is easy to remember and makes an impact. It should be easy, memorable, and straight forward.

      Avoid complexity and it is generally a good idea to avoid initials in most cases. The only exception to this rule would be if the letters represented the website name or business and was still easy to remember.

      2) Short and Sweet
      Twenty characters is the maximum that you should use for a good domain name, ten is even better. A long and complicated domain name is not going to help you. Your best bet is to keep it short and sweet. A great domain name is less than ten characters; a good domain name is less than twenty characters. A bad domain name goes over twenty characters.

      3) Be Choosy On Your Extension
      There are several domain extensions available to you such as .com, .net, .org, .tv, .info, .gov, etc. However, some of these work better than others and are more memorable as well. It is important to remember that some extensions also have restrictions such as .gov is reserved specifically for government websites. The .com domain name extension is the best by far, because it is the most widely used and associated with a quality business.

      The .net extension is the next best, but be prepared most people will type .com before they will .net if they cannot remember which extension you use. The type of extension you use might also have a bearing on the type of website. Some people have come to expect certain things when a particular extension. For example, .org is typically used by not-for-profit organization and educational websites. The .info extensions are generally used for informational websites.

      4) Spelling Means Everything
      Having a difficult to spell domain name could significantly reduce traffic to your site. Again, most do not even make use of bookmarks; therefore, if your domain name is hard to spell, they may end up at a competitor's website.

      A good domain name contains only words that are easy to pronounce, have a good combination of words or letters that are used in every day language, and does not contain foreign words that may be difficult to non-native speakers.

      5) Tells a Story
      A good domain name should be descriptive and tell a story. In other words, when your visitors, customers, or potential customers see your domain name they should instantly be able to tell what they are going to find. For instance, if it is your business, a business name is good.

      6) Avoid Fancy Symbols
      It is never a good idea to use numbers or hyphens within your domain name. Even if your domain name is memorable, many people will not pay attention to the symbols, which could lead them to someone else's website.