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      The New Standard: HTML 5

      Thursday, March 31, 2011 @ 11:44:00 AM
      HTML 5 will provide new and more powerful tags and functions that will be natively built into browsers. We are already making use of the new features provided by HTML 5 and CSS 3, while also developing in a backwards-compatible fashion for older browsers. We're excited about the new standard being more widely supported now, and in the future.

      HTML 5 will enable developers to build more attractive websites faster! It will allow the use of more media rich elements without the use of the flash plugin. For example, HTML 5 will make it easier to showcase video, audio, and animation. The Worldwide Web Consortium is expected to officially recommend HTML 5 starting in 2014, but it will likely be widely accepted as a standard prior to then. HTML 5 is already mostly supported by the latest releases of Chrome, FireFox, and Internet Explorer. As more people install these latest browsers, the rich new features of HTML 5 will be rolled out onto websites everywhere.