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      Google's New Search Algorithm

      Friday, September 27, 2013 - Written by Netguava
      Yesterday Google announced that they've been secretly using a new search engine algorithm designed to make more meaning out of natural language searches. The first question we get whenever Google publicly announces changes to their search algorithm is, "How does this impact SEO?". The answer is almost invariably "it isn't clear, yet". However, since we have all been using the new algorithm for a month, we can see the results quite clearly -- and there hasn't been much of a difference in site traffic.

      If Google's new algorithm is better at telling the difference between quality content and "SEO hacks", there is no way to know yet. Since the search engine giant makes several hundred updates per year, it may never be possible to know. The simplest and best way to deal with this problem is to not try to achieve better ranking by attempting to subvert the algorithm. Instead, focus your investment on creating quality, original content for your site. Your visitors will thank you for it.

      Here at Netguava, we're excited to embrace this new technology. It's important for us to focus on making your website the best resource for your customers. Google will notice that and will drive your customers to your website.