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Ecommerce Websites

Sell your stuff online!

Netguava offers a wide range of custom e-commerce solutions including shopping carts, event registration, customer management and reporting options all in a customized look and feel. Our e-commerce platforms can allow easy your customer to register and manage their account, sign up for newsletters, receive automatic email confirmations, search for products, add items to a wish list and email a friend. On your end, you will be able to easily add, edit and delete products, maintain control over product categories and subcategories, upload and manage images, check the status of orders, view and edit customer profiles, search by order or customer and optimize title tags for each product page. If you are selling something over the internet, we can help you do it seamlessly.

  • Custom and configurable product pages
  • Configurable Limited Time Promotions
  • Order Tracking
  • Customer Tracking
  • Custom Reporting

get a custom quotecustomer testimonials
"Netgauva has provided Many-Strings with an outstanding website that has helped us get a lot of business: gigs, concerts, teaching jobs, and CD sales. They are also always attentive and helpful, like when I need some assistance or want an upgrade, like a video player that will work on Apple tablets, etc. Thank You Very Much,
Chris Burns
Many Strings

"I would like your staff to accept my sincere appreciation for the services you provide.  With your help I have been able to create what I have been told and believe to be true, the best Real Estate website.  Without your help this wouldn't have been possible and it has indeed had a positive impact on my business."
Eric L.

"These folks are awesome. Very attentive and creative during design. Delivered on time! User interface is very simple and straightforward. Service is always prompt and friendly."

Bob Gruhler
New Hock Farm