100% Up-Time Website Migration

The key to a successful website migration

The key to a successful website migration is to get everything ready before cancelling services with your current provider. This means no downtime – your website will be continuously available for visitors.

Step 1: Site Copy and Upgrade

  • We build the site structure, integrating our CMS to give you the maximum amount of control over your pages.
  • We update your current features to interact with our content management system. Contact forms, payment processing, and embedded videos are all carefully placed into the site.
  • We add static content (text, graphics), verifying that the formatting and styles are retained.

Step 2: Initial Site Review

  • We carefully review the new site with you to confirm that everything is working as expected. 
  • All revisions are sent to our development team and are completed before moving on to the site transfer.

Step 3: Site Transfer

  • We work with you to find out who manages your domain name registration and settings.
  • We transfer the domain name so that we can effectively manage it for you.
  • We execute our "Go Live Checklist” to ensure that nothing has been missed.
  • We update the settings on the domain name to point to our servers, taking your new site online.

Step 4: Final Site Review

  • We work with you to cancel your old hosting services.
  • Once the site is live, we do one last check to ensure that nothing has broken during the above process.
  • Finally, we check with you to make sure everything looks good from your end – after all, you’re the expert!
Congratulations, your website transfer is complete!
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