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Content Editor

Edit Your Pages Right in Your Site!

The Netguava editor is a very versatile tool, yet easy to use. You are able to manage all facets of your website with this editor. We believe you should be in control -- that’s why every one of our solutions is designed to put you in the driver’s seat. We put you in control of your site content, your media, and your company. In today’s dynamic business environment, there is no time or excuse for outdated content on your web site. We believe you should have full control over all aspects of your online presence. You need the ability to make changes, without an IT department.
  • Add/Change/Remove content from your site
  • Quickly revert back to a previous version of a specific page with the embedded versioning tool
  • Manage all your media content quickly and efficiently with the Manage Images tool
  • Efficiently view and manage all of your site's individual pages with the Sitemap tool
  • Quickly search through your site’s page titles with the Site Search tool

In Page Editor
From the main edit page, you can change the page title, content, description and keywords. In the page content section, you can create content just as you would in Microsoft Word. Pictures can be added, and text can be formatted in a variety of ways.
Edit Each Piece of Your Site...Safely
  • Highly flexible editor
  • Familiar 'Word' like editing layout
  • Ability to edit HTML directly if desired

Page Versioning
Easily revert back to any previous version of a page with the click of a button
Fix Big Mistakes, Easily
  • Quickly recover from editing mistakes
  • Remove the anxiety associated with editing a live site
  • Track when and by whom edits are made

Manage Images & Files
Upload, store and organize your images and documents. Create folders to increase organization and delete images that are no longer in use.
Easily Upload, Update, or Remove Your Files
  • Manage all media content with one easy to use tool
  • Create folders for increased organization

Manage Pages
Quickly view all pages within your site. From the sitemap you are able to delete a page, change the location of a page, revert back to a previous version, or edit the page.
Find, Update and Organize Your Pages
  • View all site pages on one easy to view page
  • Update the URL of any page by the click of a button
  • Delete old or out of date pages

Page Search
For larger sites with a high volume of pages, use the search function to quickly locate any of your website’s pages
Sitemap Search
  • Quickly locate any page on your site
  • Search Deleted Pages
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