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Mobile Friendly Websites

Did you know that about 1 billion of mobile phone owners have browsed the internet through their mobile phones? Is your website Mobile Friendly?

NOW is the right time to optimize your website for all mobile devices. It should be quick to show your products and services when a customer visits it using an iPad or an iPhone or any mobile device!

More and more customers are using their mobile phone as their main web browser at home and on the road. Having your own mobile website is simple and will encourage mobile-only visitors to use, share and interact on your website. According to a recent article published by The Pew Research Center, 63% of Americans access the internet through their mobile phones!

Mobile Version Benefits
  • Increase your time on site for visitors on mobile browsers
  • Decrease frustration for those using your website without a mouse
  • Streamline your site and make simple and easy to use navigation
  • Appeal more to the younger generation and to business associates
Mobile Version Features
  • Fast - Streamlined design for quick load times on mobile connections
  • Optimized - Compatible with all mobile devices
  • Redundant -Your mobile version pulls the same content/pages and information shown on your main website
  • Auto-detection - Your site automatically detects the visitors browser and displays a mobile version if applicable
  • Synced - Updates you make to your website are automatically reflected on your mobile website
  • Consistent - Your mobile version can have the same look and feel, colors and logos
  • Versatile - A link at the bottom allows visitors to view the non-mobile version if they wish
  • Centralized - Single address, no need for
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