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You deserve a real estate website that is as professional and knowledgeable as you are. In real estate, your website is not only a tool, it's a part of your business.

We know this. That's why our sites have been developed and designed with feedback from real agents and brokers just like you. Learn more about how we can help you build your business.

Supported MLS Associations
Amador, Antelope Valley, Arcadia, Beverly Hills/Greater LA, Burbank, California Desert, Chico, Citrus Valley, CLAW, Conejo, Corona-Norco, Desert MLS, Downey, East Valley, Glendale, Hemet-San Jacinto, i-Tech, Inglewood, Inland Valleys, Laguna, Lake County, Madera, Malibu, Mariposa County, Merced County, Montebello District, MRMLS, Newport, Orange County, Oroville, Pacific West, Palm Springs, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Paradise, Pasadena-Foothills, Plumas, Rancho-Southeast, Reciprocal Board, Redding, Sandicor MLS, Shasta, Simi Valley, SoCalMLS, South Bay, Southland, Southwest Los Angeles, Southwest Riverside County, Tehama County, Tri-Counties, Ventura Coastal, West San Gabriel Valley, Yosemite Gateway

Don't see yours? No problem. We can integrate your website with most IDX/MLS feeds in most areas.

We have some of the very best real estate websites. Please call us today to see how we can effect your bottom line, in a good way!

Detailed Property View
Since most listings are packed full of information, it's important to display them in an easy-to-read and understand format. This is why we designed our layout to provide all important information with simple and clean styles. 
Designed for Maximum Simplicity
  • Lead Capture Buttons
  • View Photos
  • View Virtual Tours
  • Days on the Market
  • Large Photos
  • Large Map
  • Features
  • Standard Information Display

Automatic MLS Integration
We have designed our system to be hands off. This means all your listings and MLS properties are automatically pulled from your MLS/IDX and displayed on your site. If we don't already have your area's feed, ask us about integrating it, it's usually not a problem.
Visitors Like Fresh Data

Simple & Easy Search
We believe looking for something should be just as fun as finding it. That is why we have made our search and results pages simple and easy. In fact, many of our brokers and agents use their own website as their main property search tool!
Find and Locate Listings
  • Find Listings without a complex search form
  • Instant search, no loading or wait time for visitors
  • Search auto fills locations and other information from database of available listings
  • Can be styled to match your site

Large Photos
If you haven't already learned that good photos are important, you might be in the wrong business. Buyers demand large, fast loading images while they browse through your properties. Our systems allow you to maximize your photo display, quickly.
Browse Large Photos
  • Automatic thumbnail creation
  • Next and Previous buttons
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Large pop-out viewer 
  • In-page standard viewer with forward and back buttons
  • Images optimized for speedy load times on all internet connections
  • Support for Virtual Tours
  • Integration with Sharp Virtual Tours

Lead Capture
Chances are if you were given more qualified leads, you'd close more escrows. Welcome to our lead capture and follow up system. Let your website capture and manage your leads, so you don't have to.
More Leads = More Sales
  • Choose from multiple lead capture forms
  • Collect Information for Later Follow Up
  • Setup separate auto-responders for each form
  • Stored in our Lead Capture Database (read more)
  • Buyer Lead Capture Forms
    • Request for Information (Per Property)
    • Schedule a Showing (Per Property)
    • Property Comments (Per Property)
    • Tell a Friend (Per Property)
    • Automatic Email Alerts Signup
    • Bank Owned Email Alerts Signup
  • Seller Lead Capture Forms
    • Current Market Analysis (CMA Request)
    • Schedule Listing Appointment

Integrated Maps
What better way to show a visitor the location of a property than with a satellite map. Our maps use Google Maps, the industry's best provider, to pinpoint each property.
Location, Location, Location
  • Satellite and Standard Map View Modes
  • Pop-up balloon with Photo and Compact Listing Details
  • Show Nearby Properties for sale
  • Map Search Results on every page
  • Zoom in and around

Property Comments
Establish your site as the place for property information and interaction. Visitors can comment (with moderation) on listings on your site. By creating a buzz about your website's properties and listings you leave the competitors' websites in the dust.
Interactive Visitors' Remarks
  • Moderated (must be approved before displayed on your site)
  • Answer common questions for all future visitors to see
  • Stored in our lead capture database (read more)

Favorite Properties
By allowing buyers to save their favorite listings you create loyalty. They will come back, because they have a saved favorite list. When they contact you using your lead capture forms, their favorites will be sent to you also. This way you will know what they like without having to have a long conversation.
Create Website Loyalty
  • Visitors can compare the features of multiple properties.
  • Favorites saved for future visits
  • No login or username. Favorites are automatically saved and displayed
  • Map favorites
  • Send favorites to agent (to you)
  • Submitted along with any questions (you can see a visitor's favorites)

Automatic Flyers
You are busy, and we know that. That's why when our customers asked for a printable property flyer, we created one. Why make flyers, when our system can do it for you?
Save Time with Printable Brochures
  • Automatic printable flyers from MLS information
  • Customizable with your contact information

Quick Search & Custom Pages
Do you specialize in a particular property type or area? Are you interested in targeting certain sellers, property types, or locations?
Pages for Specific Target Searches
  • Create pages that show specific results
  • Set up your own custom URL/path for each page (ie. mls/paradise-ca/homes-on-acreage)
  • Add a description, search parameters and more
  • Great for search engine optimization and ranking
  • Buyers visitors love to bookmark quick searches to return and check

Similar Properties
We make it easy for your visitors to find property they love. We do this in part by suggesting other homes based on the homes they have viewed.
We Help Buyers Find More Homes
  • Keep visitors on your site longer
  • Automatically generated based on price, size, and other factors

Daily Market Report
How many times have you been asked, "How is the real estate market"? Now you can be armed with information that will answer that question with flying colors. You can also share this information with potential buyers, sellers, and associates. The next time you are asked that question, you can spit off more stats than your listener can imagine.
Know the Market
  • Updated daily with local stats from your area
  • Compares nearby areas and housing numbers
  • Can be styled to match your site
  • Copy and paste to an email, and educate your buyers and sellers!

Exclusive Listings
Do you sell property that isn't on the MLS? We can help! Our system allows you to display your non-MLS properties side by side with MLS properties or separately. The property display format matches all MLS properties, and you can upload photos, change prices, and edit every piece of your non-MLS listing. This is great for exclusive listings, or other listings you don't want to put on the MLS.
Showcase your Pocket Listings
  • Upload Photos
  • Manage all data from central console
  • Search your exclusive listings
  • Display Mingled, or Segregated from other MLS listings
  • Supports Multiple Agents

Property Activity Log
Wouldn't it be nice to update sellers each time you do something on their property? Our activity log is a central place that you log all activity on a listing. Each time the log is updated your sellers get an email with detailed information, feedback, and a list of activity. Use it to log all showings, phone calls, marketing efforts or anything else you want to keep track of. Next time a seller calls, you will have a complete list of all marketing efforts you can share or email to them.
Save time and effort, and make your sellers happy.
  • Track showings, feedback and more
  • Organize marketing pieces, efforts and phone calls received
  • Useful for agents with staff or assistants (so the agent can track activity)
  • Proves you are doing your job with data, dates, and activities

Office Slideshow
This slideshow is designed to play in your office. It can showcase your listings to walk-in business or to other agents automatically, while they wait for an appointment.
Showcase your properties in style!
  • Full-screen display
  • Listing details
  • Pictures
  • Offering agent
  • Designed with your branding

Agent Information Page
The Agent Information page features an easy-to-read list of your real estate agents. Complete with contact information, photos, and more.
As professional as you are
  • Each agent's brief information displayed
  • More detailed information can be accessed by clicking on the agent's pane
  • Website info
  • Contact info
  • Much more!

Compare Favorite Properties
Visitors can compare details of multiple properties, save them for later, and more!
Listing Detail Comparison
  • Compare statistics for properties
    • Price
    • Price per sq. ft.
    • Bedrooms
    • Bathrooms
    • Total sq. ft.
    • Acreage
    • Listing type
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