Template Websites

Professional Websites on a Budget

We offer many types of template websites. These are perfect for new businesses, or businesses that need to get online fast. We have about 25 variations to choose from!

Benefits of Template Sites
  • Great Value - We add your logo and information and you are ready to rock and roll!
  • Quick & Easy - We have already developed these ready to deploy websites
  • Professional Design - Our designers made sure your site will sparkle
  • Editable - Our templates come with our content management system (CMS)
Template Websites
Looking for a professional website on a budget?

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What We Do Best

Easily edit your pages

Create dazzling content in an easy-to-use 'Word' like content editor. You can add pictures, format text, and even edit the HTML if desired. You can edit every aspect of your website content, easily.

Organize YOUR Media

Organize and manage your website's media content. Photos, videos and documents can be stored in the media gallery. You can easily add, change, organize or remove media. Our media gallery supports categories, and more, all automatically assigned easy to find URLs. Learn More!