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Manage Your Users

Let the good guys in, and keep the bad guys out....

Many companies need to control the way their visitors, clients, and colleagues access information. For instance, a colleague may need access to information that should be invisible to visitors and clients. Our robust user permission system offers the flexibility you need to ensure maximum functionality -- for minimum effort!

When you provide services for multiple companies and need to restrict access based on organization, you can create "Accounts" that users are associated with. If Dan, Mary, and Ken work at Company A, simply create a "Company A" account, and create user logins for the three employees in the "Company A" account. You can even assign permissions to them individually if required.

Create user logins for employees to access media, upload pictures, post blogs, and more. Limit access to only the features you want them to use.

Our fully-featured permissions functionality allows you to assign permissions step-by-step, with an easy-to-understand interface.

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