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Reducing Spam in Your Inbox

Spam can build up in your inbox quick enough to aggravate just about anyone. If you are using our SmarterMail solution there are a few ways to combat spam.

Outlook Tips
Junk Mail Settings
The junk mail options in Outlook allow for a selection between None, Low, High, Safe Lists Only. 
None - Only mail from the Blocked Senders list will be sent to junk mail
Low - Move only the obvious junk mail to the junk mail folder
High - Most junk mail will be caught, but it is possible regular mail will also be caught, so be sure to check your junk mail folder regularly
Safe Lists Only - All mail that comes from those who are not on your Safe Senders list will be sent to junk mail

To access these settings, click on the Home tab, click the drop-down triangle next to Junk, and choose Junk E-mail Options.

Outlook has the ability to send emails to your junk mail folder based on rules you create. For example, if an email has a certain word or phrase in the subject or body it will be sent to the junk mail folder.
To access these rules navigate to File » Info » Manage Rules and Alerts...

SmarterMail Tips
Content Filtering
Content Filtering works much like Outlook's rules. A rule is set up to filter based on a variety of options, such as key words in the subject, and if the rule is met, the mail will automatically move to the junk mail folder.
To navigate to Spam Filtering: Settings » My Settings » Filtering » Content Filtering

Spam Filtering
Here you can increase or decrease the sensitivity of junk mail being automatically filtered by simply adjusting what action SmarterMail should take for high, medium and low probability junk mail.
To navigate to Spam Filtering: Settings » My Settings » Filtering » Spam Filtering

Caution: If Outlook (or any other email client, other than SmarterMail) is the primary way you read your mail, it his highly advised to not set up any filtering in SmarterMail. SmarterMail does not send on any mail that gets captured in the junk mail box to other mail clients. This means if a junk mail gets captured by SmarterMail and you only check Outlook, you will never see that piece of mail. If only junk mail is captured that would be acceptable, however often times legitimate mail can inadvertently be captured as well.