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Our 8 Step Website Process

our special formula

Our Famous 8 Steps
We know websites. There is one main reason customers come to us for their website: our process. We carefully fine-tuned our procedures, methods and systems to develop the best sites on the market.

1. Needs Analysis
Over the years we have developed a unique method for meeting the different needs of our customers. We ask the right questions, then we listen. You know what your business needs, we know how to make those ideas happen. Pinpointing your needs is crucial to producing a website that you will love.
Our experience has taught us that your bottom line is important. This is why we carefully review your needs and do our best to provide a solution within your desired price range.

3. Content Request
We work with you to track down and locate all of your media, copy, logos and anything else that may be useful when creating your website design. Our formal process makes sure that your site communicates exactly what you want it to.

4. Design
Our designers have designed hundreds of websites and know what it takes to make your visitors and customers love your site. We use fresh, simple and clean lines in our designs. Don't need a unique design? Check out our template options.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Our development staff use the latest methods, standards and validation to make sure your site won't be quickly outdated. Our development team focuses on making websites that are pleasing to the eye, lightweight, and cross browser compatible.

Our next step is to assign your new website a temporary location. We will use this location as a testing ground for our staff and yours to review, critique and test every aspect. At this stage, we pay close attention to your initial needs analysis so we can make sure we have accomplished the original goals.
An empty site is no good. This is why we develop a list of missing content, pages, articles and more. We make recommendations on how to get the most out of your new site. We know what an effective website needs and you know your industry. Together, we can make a lasting impact on your visitors.

This is the fun part. After carefully executing our go-live preparation procedures, we breathe life into your website and make it live. We make sure your staff doesn't lose a single email. We call this a 100% Up-Time Website Migration. One moment a customer will see your old site, the next moment a brand new, fully polished and public-ready website.

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