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Event Calendar

The event calendar is an easy and efficient way to communicate to your website viewers. It is a great way to stay connected with your viewers.
  • Add events, meetings, outings and more to a dynamic online calendar.
  • Website visitors can view your calendar to see what events are coming up.
  • Each calendar item has a date, time, description and a link for more information
  • Easily set reoccurring events
  • Create hyper-links to more detailed information (on your site or another site)
  • Embed calendar items automatically into other areas/pages of your site
  • Multiple layout/Display options (calendar in 3 month view, 1 month view, or detailed list)
  • Mouse over items for quick access to additional information
  • Custom style (can be styled to match custom design, colors or layout)
  • Comes with 4 preset color schemes if desired
  • Managed via our console 2.0

This view shows 3 months at a time and a summary each event. This is great for calendars that don’t have a lot of events.
Easily Display Sparse Events
  • View 3 months of calendar items on one page
  • Click any day to view detailed event information

View an entire month's worth of events in one view. Event titles are displayed on the calendar. Mouse over events for additional details.
Showcase All Your Events
  • Display 1 month of calendar items
  • Mouse over any calendar item to easily display additional information

If provided, a link to more information will be found below the description. The link can be to another page on your site or an external website. This view will display over 6 months of events in the future.
Simple and Clean Display
  • Display events for multiple months in an easy to read list view
  • Provided link available for detailed event information
  • Ideal for months with few events
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