Site Submissions

Helping you manage information and leads from your website

Site submissions are where visitors to your website can contact you, generally by filling out a form. The data collected in the form will be stored in the console as well as sent to an email address of your choice. A historical record of all site submissions will be available on the console.
  • Export complete or partial lists of site submissions for easier data manipulation
    • Exports are created in .csv format, for easy importation into Excel, Access and other databases and CRMs such as Salesforce and Constant Contact
  • Auto response for all submissions to ensure customers know their submission was received and their business is important to you
  • Flexibility to reply to a submission directly from the console or by standard email
  • Fully customizable submission form(s) created custom for your needs
    • Custom forms can be created that are professional and can be saved as a PDF or printed. Employment application forms are a common example.
  • Once viewed, the status of each submission can be set for accurate data management
  • Each submission can be assigned to a member of your organization to ensure it gets handled properly
  • Advanced search function enables you to easily find specific submissions
    • Allows ability to filter by form type, form status and date
    • Allows ability to search by submitter name
    • Ability to include assigned submissions in search
    • Results per page able to be customized to your preference
  • Email notifications are sent to a customer defined email address to notify the organization when a submission has been made
    • Within the email that is sent are the submission details as well as a link to view the submission from within the console
    • The email address receiving this notification can be changed at any time through the settings section
  • Payments can be accepted through site submissions for items with varying dollar amounts, such as donations, invoices, etc.
    • All payment details will be archived and can be managed like any other site submission
    • The same high security exists with this feature as with secure online stores

Contact Us
Each form is created specifically for an individual purpose. Only the fields you require will be included.
Simple easy way for visitors to contact you
  • Fully customizable forms
  • Offers customers or potential customers a way to contact you 24/7

Printable Forms
Your online forms should look like your paper form when you print them right? Custom forms can be created and populated on a webpage. The forms can have the look and feel of an Adobe PDF form. Via the console, those forms can then be printed with the same look and feel
Custom Printable Forms
  • Form can be filled out directly from a webpage
  • Professional look and feel

Quick Form View
From the console, it is possible to view and print any site submission. The same holds true when the site submission is a printable form.

Easily Manage Your Online Forms
  • High quality customer facing forms
  • Archived and stored in the console to be accessed when needed

Form Storage
All site submissions will be archived in the console for easy management
Manage your online forms easily
  • View all submissions submitted to your site
  • Easily export submissions to Excel

Advanced Search Functions
Ability to search site submission on a variety of criteria
Find what you are looking for
  • Search by status, start and end date, and submitter's name
  • Adjust the Results per page to fit your preference

Submission Status
Status Feature allows ability to easily define a submission once it has been viewed. The ability to delete a submission is also possible with this feature.
Manage Site Submissions
  • Easily sort and organize submissions

Assign to Other Team Members
The Assign To feature enables a specific individual in your organization to be tasked with handling a submission. Once assigned, the assignee will receive an automatic email notification
Work like a team
  • Easily assign and notify employees of a new submission
  • Can be setup to auto-assign certain types of submissions

Per Form Auto-responder
An Auto-Response email can be drafted for each type of submission form on your website. The email you draft will be automatically sent to the submitter once they complete the form
Show Your Visitors You Care
  • Create professional responses to all submissions
  • Assures your customers you received their message and a response will be provided
  • Use form variable such as name, price, date etc

Maximum Data
Sample submission email sent to the organization. Clicking on the link will bring up the full submission within the console
More Data, More Success
  • Email sent directly to your specified email address
  • Displays important information concerning the submitter
  • Provides efficient way to respond to the submission

Accept Payments
Manage payments through site submissions. This functionality offers the same tight security as any other online store.
Great for Simple Purchases
  • Secure transaction
  • Flexible enough to accept any payment amount
  • Integrates with Paypal or other merchant accounts
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